Joining Criteria for States & District Level Organizations 

A fast, physical, dynamic, strategic team sport that requires great concentration and coordination of all team members -

Criteria to Register Indian State/District.

Registration open for States and Districts of India. 

  1. To enroll as a State minimum five District bodies should be the member.

  2. Minimum 100 player strength is required including Junior and Senior teams.

  3. State body will work on probation of Six months.

  4. During the probation period 2 District level and one state level event with minimum strength is required.

  5. Application of registration to be filled online and further each and every player needs to be enrolled online with all required documentation

  6. The membership of the BISHA India shall be open to State/District Level Associations nationally, that are officially registered by the state or district level authorities.

  7. In no circumstances shall two (2) Associations be recognized as exercising Authority over the same State/District. 

  8. All State/District Member Associations must uphold and observe the principles, objectives and aims of the BISHA India. Strict observance of the rules and of the provisions contained in BISHA India Constitution and IISHF Regulations, both in spirit and letter, is the primary condition for obtaining and maintaining Membership of BISHA India.

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Schools, Players, Clubs, Coaches can registered directly with Ball Inline Skater Association. Mapping with the respective Zone, State or District will be done centrally.