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A fast, physical, dynamic, strategic, team sport, that requires great concentration & coordination of all team members. `IIHSF

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Inline Skater Hockey

Inline Skater Hockey is an extremely quick, physical, dynamic, key group activity played on inline or quad skates by two teams comprising of 5 players on the pitch, Generally 4 outfield players and 1 Goalkeeper. Skater Hockey is played on a small arena (standard 20 x 40m) on every level surface permitting exercise center lobbies to fill in as sheets. The game endeavors to be truly open and reasonable. Presently the game has been presented in India and Ball Inline Skater Hockey Association is advancing the game and furthermore representing India in International Level Tournaments

Player Registration

Every District is required to register their all existing and newly joined players under the national portal of Ball Inline Skater Hockey Association

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